Hard-dough cookies are moderately sweet and non-fatty. They feature pleasant flavor and excellently go with milk, coffee or tea. The taste and structure of these cookies are very much alike the crackers properties.


Cracker is an airy fresh product bringing you the joy of crisp, delicious fragrance and original tender taste. Cracker is a perfect snack and excellent match to a pleasant talk with a cup of tea or coffee.

Puff pastries

Puff pastry by Grona is delivered in a great variety of shape and size – hearts, ears, sticks, herring-bone and many others. You love puff pastry for its delicateness and crispiness. Is there anything better to go with a cup of tea than a flavorous fresh and sweet cookie by Grona which melts in your mouth!


Sandwich cookie by Grona is the best crispy cookie with delicate filling. What is sandwich? It is a snack that uses tasty cookies instead of bread, bonded with delicious cream with a flavor of tiramisu, pineapple, chocolate or wild berries. Grona created an excellent sweet snack, light and flavorous, which is easy to take away with you wherever you go – to office, a picnic, a stroll, school or to visit to your friends. It is so simple – fell hungry? Get your sandwich!

Sandwich cookies are made from the best products: high-quality Ukrainian flour, the sweetest sugar and other natural and safe ingredients. Cookies and filling for them are made in compliance with all established requirements and standards pursuant to unique recipes by our skillful masters.

Why did we choose to produce this very kind of cookies? Sweets lovers gave their hearts to sandwich for its nice taste and pretty shape. Two cookies instead of one and flavorous sweet cream is the best thing to go with tea or coffee! 

Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookies are high-calorie ones due to the high content of carbohydrates and fats. At the same time, no other category of cookies can compete at their taste and aroma - they resemble home baking so much!

GRONA offers a wide range of sugar cookies: either with classic recipes or with author's ones (adding bran, corn, and oatmeal flakes, rice balls, etc.)

Sweet, crunchy, shape interesting - GRONA cookies will conquer the hearts of your family!

Created by TM Grona